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Voucher for a choice of any full day cake masterclass (from a selection of 25 classes) running at either 3D Cakes Edinburgh or 3D Cakes Glasgow. Ideal for a gift with a choice of any full day cake masterclass at 3D Cakes from a selection of 25 unique classes! 


Due to current social distancing measures and government restrictions, classes are scheduled to re-commence between February and April 2021. Vouchers purchased will be valid for 6 months from the date that classes commence (should restrictions limit the running of classes at any point following this, vouchers' validity will be extended accordingly to take this into account). 


  • Option 1:

Full Day Cake Masterclass at 3D Cakes for 1 person £75 instead of £175.



User can choose from the following classes:


  • Panda Cake Masterclass

Learn to create a beautiful panda cake, sitting upright, perfecting your skills in scultping, stabilsing, and texture effects. 

Level: Intermediate


  • LOL Surprise Cake Masterclass

Learn how to create an eye-catching LOL Surprise design , complete with a striking iced bow tie and lots of glitter! 

Level: Beginner/Intermediate


  • G.O.T Cake Masterclass

Create a striking sugarcraft version of the Iron Throne, complete with hand-crafted swords, mastering spraying and shading techniques. 

Level: Beginner/Intermediate


  • Colour Block Handbag Cake Masterclass

Learn how to create a stylish colour block handbag, practicing tehniques in templating, stabilising and adding realisitc finishing details.

Level: Advanced


  • Wine Barrel Cake Masterclass

Cheers! Create a realistic wine barrel design, perfecting colouring and shading techniques.

Level: Intermediate


  • Trainer Cake Masterclass

Learn how to carve and create a trainer cake, complete with stitching and various texture effects. 

Level: Beginner/Intermediate


  • Baby Elephant Cake Masterclass

Create a lovely baby elephant sculpture design, learning skills in sculpting, colouring and shading effects. 

Level: Intermediate


  • Leopard Print Heel Cake Masterclass

Learn to create a stunning set of leopard print heels and shoe box, mastering techniques in arbrushing and hand-painting.

Level: Intermediate


  • Irn-Bru Cake Masterclass

Create an awe-inspiring upright Irn-Bru can cake, perfecting your techniques in templating and stabilising; complete with an 'exploding' sugar feature from the top of the can. 

Level: Beginner/Intermediate


  • 2 Tier Sequin Cake Masterclass

Create a delightful sequin effect design. Learn how to sharp ice tiers, add edible sequin detailing and finish with a beautiful bow,  

Level: Beginner


  • MAC Make-Up Cake Masterclass

Develop your sugarcraft skills and create a stunning MAC make-up style design, completed with an array of hand-crafted make up items. 

Level: Beginner


  • Unicorn Rainbow Cake Masterclass

Learn how to create a delightful children's cake, adorning your beauty in handmade unicorns, rainbows, parcels and clouds. 

Level: Beginner/Intermediate


  • Mulberry Style Handbag Cake Masterclass

Create a designer handbag style cake, learning to carve and support its shape, add texture and colouring techniques.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate


  • Fishing Cake Masterclass

Learn to create a fishing-themed novelty cake, perfecting your skills in carving, colouring and sugarcraft fine details.

Level: Intermediate


  • Burger Cake Masterclass

Create a striking giant burger cake, mastering carving, stabilising and colouring techniques.

Level: Beginner


  • Dolly Mixture Anti Gravity Cake Masterclass

Learn the basics of anti-gravity cake making, creating a colourful dolly mixture themed design.

Level: Beginner


  • Yoda Sculpture Cake Masterclass

Create an exquisite Yoda cake, and perfect skills in sculpting, carving, airbrushing and shading. 

Level: Advanced


  • Rugby Ball Cake Masterclass

Create an awesome rugby ball design, mastering techniques in carving, icing and adding finishing details.  

Level: Intermediate


  • Designer Heel Cake Masterclass

Learn to create a striking gladiator style shoe with shoe box, mastering techniques in templating, assembling a shoe shape and icing.  

Level: Intermediate/Advanced


Full Day Skill Set Classes Include:  

The Skill Set classes are designed to help you gain concentrated training and experience on specific cake decorating techniques.


  • Skill Set: Airbrushing & Texture Effects

Develop your skills in airbrushing and creating textures through the crafting of a log effect cake complete with carved initials.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced


  • Skill Set: Icing Techniques 

Develop your icing techniques, learning how to expertly prepare your cake using marzipan and ganache, before perfecting your skills in round-edge icing and sharp-edge icing.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate


  • Skill Set: Piping & Lace 

Develop your skills in lacework, learning how to prepare, dry and apply lace correctly; plus, perfect your piping techniques, learning how to employ a range of piping styles.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced


  • Skill Set: Sugar Flowers

Develop your sugarcraft skills and learn how to create an array of sugar flowers in gorgeous champagne, copper and dusky tones.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced


A selection of seasonal classes are also available. Depending on the class you select, you'll learn a broad range of skills and techniques, including, icing, piping, figure modelling and crafting sugar flowers. What's more, all of the cakes/figures you make on the day are yours to take home!




  • 3D Cakes Edinburgh: Roseburn Terrace Edinburgh, EH12 6AW
  • 3D Cakes Glasgow: The Italian Centre, Unit 8, Ingram Street, G1 1DN

The Fine Print


  • Valid for 6 months from commencement of masterclasses.
  • If restrictions limit the running of classes at any point following this, voucher' validity will be extended accordingly to take this into account. 
  • Only redeemable against full day classes held at either 3D Cakes' Edinburgh or Glasgow stores.
  • Classes run on select Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Easy online booking - User can select the class they wish and appy the coupon code at checkout covering the full cost of the class.
  • A printed copy of your voucher is required on the day of your class.
  • Class booking is subject to availability - 3D Cakes will add additional class dates for popular classes to ensure good availability.
  • Under 16s must be accompanied by a paying adult.
  • Classes held at:
  • 3D Cakes Edinburgh, 4 Roseburn Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 6AW
    3D Cakes Glasgow, Unit 8, The Italian Centre, Ingram Street, Glasgow, G1 1DN

  • Voucher can only be refunded within 14 days of voucher purchase date, out with this voucher is non-refundable. Voucher non-refundable once a booking has been placed with 3D Cakes. 

  • To redeem please see details at the bottom of your purchased voucher. 

  • Your voucher will be emailed to you following purchase. 

Merchant info

3D Cakes are The Scottish Wedding Awards - Cake Designer Of The Year 2019 - Overall Scotland Winner & Regional Winner, and are currently Scotland's most awarded cake boutique. The company are one of Europe's leading bespoke cake designers. David Duncan and his team have been honoured to create cakes for royalty, including a cake for HRH The Queen in December 2017. They have also worked with many high fashion brands including Chanel and Dior. Based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, 3D Cakes supply a range of wedding cakes, birthday cakes and cakes for all occasions, as well as cake decorating tools and equipment from the David Duncan Cake Supplies online store. The David Duncan Sugarcraft School also offers a vast range of cake masterclasses, with in excess of 25,000 students to date. 

Business Hours

3D Cakes Edinburgh: (4 & 20 Roseburn Terrace Edinburgh EH12 6AW Opening Times Tuesday-Saturday: 9:30am - 5:00pm), 3D Cakes Glasgow: Opening Times (Unit 8, The Italian Centre Ingram Street G1 1DN Tuesday-Saturday: 9:30am - 5:00pm). Stores also open Easter Sunday and Easter Monday 2019 (9.30am - 5:00pm)

3D Cakes Edinburgh & Glasgow

Deals are either redeemed by voucher online or at our store.

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